Sugar Hill

Inside of Sugar Hill

By Suzanne

::: For those on the forum, Anonymous and LA Kid have pretty much covered most of the information I'll include. They are very, very thorough, aren't they? For those of you who do not frequent the forum, I've written up a little summary of what the show is. I've avoided giving away any surprise plot lines as I do not want to ruin the show next fall. If you'd prefer to hear about behind the scenes information or anything I have not included, do not hesitate, as always to write to me at

The show opens with a certain detective leaning down over an interrogating desk. He looks down at a recently arrested criminal who is currently shackled to a chair opposite him. He proceeds to say with every ounce of sincerity and concern, "I'm so glad you could make it on such short notice."

Hollywood, it would seem, has acquired a new Barney Miller (if not a younger one) played by Charlie Sheen. Sheen plays Matt, a detective with a scorchingly sardonic wit. Complimentary to his Hot Shots roles, Sheen delivers in his usual dry straight manner which only plays more hilarious as the head of a handful hooligan detectives in a NYPD precinct. Of the colorful supporting players, there stands one lone woman, Laura (Teri Polo, The Arrival) who is certainly not to shy to announce her ability to stand on her own. Characters Chris and Joe play havoc around Matt and produce fresh humor and classic back-and-forth banter. Minor characters (who could gain prominence as the show progresses) add spice to this all star line up in a show that already has Emmy buzz.

If you hear anything about Charles' show 'Sugar Hill' and would like to add to this page please write me at All contributions are greatly appreciated!

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