Emilio says about his mother... Janet is family center. "We've always been a very close-knit family. My dad taught me to trust myself and to always search for the truth in whatever I was doing. My mother is very strong and pragmatic. She grounded me."

Charlie says about his mother... "She's the warden of the family. She doesn't miss a beat. She's cool and only dishes out constructive criticism, deep concern. If she was a maid and dad a carpenter, I'd still love them to death."

Martin says about wife Janet... "Janet and I don't depend on each other for happiness, but we are each other's support. We never agreed on anything in our whole lives. We are tempermentally totally unalike. I'm very volatile, a typical Leo. She's an Aries, very bright and sensitive, with a great sense of humor. It's not a case of the lion laying down with the lamb; it's a case of the lion laying down with the ram."

(from the book "The Sheens")