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Martin Sheen Biography
written by Suzanne

    One of the first things that strikes you about a man like Martin Sheen, is how startlingly human he is. No man can be perfect. He is no exception to this rule. Perhaps what makes this particular individual so captivating is the fact that he is so honest and upfront about his humanity. He isn't a sugar-coated Hollywood darling, he is a real salt-of-the-earth person who has managed his way into the hearts of people everywhere, people he doesn't even know.
    Ramon Estevez was born in Dayton, Ohio into the arms of two brave immigrant parents, one from Ireland and another from Spain. After his mother's death, young Ramon worked along side his siblings to keep his large Catholic family afloat. He worked hard, and his natural way of life was something that would never change. Through blood, sweat, and tears and with the love of a woman who is now his wife, Ramon Estevez became Martin Sheen.
    The brilliance of his work in various films and television never fails to astound his viewers. From his poignant lead performance in Apocolypse Now to his endearing charm that radiated from his supporting part in The Amercian President, Martin Sheen never fails to shine. He shines in away unparalleled by anyone save perhaps his four incrediable children who have followed their father into show business despite his protests.
    It is hard to pick one word to ecapsulate Martin Sheen. He has meant so much to so many people. Not only does he reach out and touch hearts with his acting, his political activism and generousity has managed to touch lives. Martin Sheen has walked a long and difficult path through life, but he never stopped walking. He will remain in history as a wonderful man, a humble journeyman with the ability to inspire the world.

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