ABC's Celebrity -
'Who Wants To Be A Millionaire'

November 2000

3rd "Fastest Finger" Round

Put these albums in the order they first hit #1 on the 'Billboard Hot 100',
starting with the most recent.

A. Abbey Road
B. Thriller
C. Hotel California
D. Oops! ... I Did it Again

Charlie's finger was the fastest ... 6:18 seconds!

Regis - Charlie Sheen, in the hot seat right now. Nice to see you Charlie.
Charlie - Thank you, Regis. Nice to see you.
Regis - Got up here on the music question, are you a music buff?
Charlie - Yea, to the extent that I knew when Britney Spears and the Beatles existed.
Regis - And that's about it.
Charlie - Yea, that's about it. (laughs)
Regis - Congratulations on Spin City.
Charlie - Thank you very much.
Regis - You're playing for the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research.

$100.00 question

If a cat falls, what will it almost always land on?

A. A mouse
B. A trampoline
C. Its feet
D. Park Place

$200.00 question

Which of these phrases is a common way to describe merchandise
that is doing well?

A. Selling like hotcakes
B. Blue plate special
C. All things must go
D. Tastes like chicken

$300.00 question

If you must deal with the consequences of your actions, Charlie, it is said
you must "face the" what?
Charlie -- My father. (laughter)

A. Flag
B. Storm
C. Music
D. Flamethrower

$500.00 question

What rock and roll icon's nickname is "The Boss"?

A. Mick Jagger
B. Bruce Springsteen
C. Jerry Lee Lewis
D. Bob Dylan

$1,000.00 question

A person that adjusts and maintains production equipment on a movie set
is called what?

A. Foley artist
B. Producer
C. Grip
D. Director

$2,000.00 question

A Mexican tamale is traditionally wrapped and cooked in what?

A. Bacon strips
B. Grape leaves
C. Potato skins
D. Cornhusks

$4,000.00 question

In 1923, the legendary Cotton Club opened its doors in what U.S. city?

A. New York
B. New Orleans
C. Memphis
D. Detroit

$8,000.00 question

What TV talk show host played Betty Rubble in the 1994 film "The Flintstones"?

A. Cybill Shepherd
B. Ricki Lake
C. Rosie O'Donnell
D. Queen Latifah

Regis - Charlie Sheen with us right now, going for $16,000.00, has just joined the Spin City cast. Spin City happens to be opposite your dad's show The West Wing, same night, same time.
Charlie - What are the odds?
Regis - Yea, how does your father feel about that?
Charlie - Well, he's nervous because he saw our show and what we're up to and they've peaked essentially. (laughter) So ... he knows he's got a fight on his hands.
No, we have to laugh about it because it's very bizarre that we'd wind up on opposing networks on the same night, same time slot, it's crazy.
Regis - Charlie, you're doing terrific here! We're going for $16,000.00, seven away from a million.

$16,000.00 question

What kind of animal is a tarapin?

A. Bird
B. Turtle
C. Crab
D. Rat

$32,000.00 question

In a 1999 episode of "The X Files," which character claims to be Fox Mulder's biological father?

A. Well-Manicured man
B. Walter Skinner
C. Alex Krycek
D. Cigarette-Smoking man

Charlie uses 1st lifeline -- Audience poll -- 68% says the answer is "D"

$64,000.00 question

Which continent is nearest the intersection of zero degrees latitude and zero degrees longitude?

A. South Africa
B. Australia
C. Africa
D. Antartica

Charlie uses 2nd lifeline -- 50/50 -- It's down to "B" & "C"

Charlie uses 3rd lifeline -- Phone-a-Friend -- Michael J. Fox says the answer is "C"

$125,000.00 question

In the year 2000, which of these multibillionaires released a rock album with his band, Grown Men?

A. Jeffery Bezos
B. Paul Allen
C. Richard Branson
D. Pierre Omidyer

Not being sure of the answer and not wanting to lose $32,000.00 for the charity, Charlie decides to stop and collects $64,000.00 for the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research. He then takes a guess... B. Paul Allen

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